15 HD Wallpapers with Vampire Diaries Actors

Vampires are important and appealing characters in popular culture, so they will always be there, a prosperous subject for literature and movies, having their own special category of public that will always be thirsty for their adventures.

The Vampire Diaries is a television series that reached a large audience along its four seasons, from 2009 to 2013, based on the supernatural adventures of two vampire brothers and a young high school girl who is torn between loving the two of them. As the series unfolds, the focus is turned towards the past of Elena, the young protagonist, and her connection with the family of Original Vampires.

The story is catchy, packed with intrigues, twists and mysterious elements, along the love and hate interactions of the characters.

Another very appealing aspect of The Vampire Diaries, except for the storyline and character interaction is the cast of actors, and everyone who is a fan knows what we are talking about. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder make up a very sexy trio that appeals to the eye and brings vampire fantasies to mind.

There are many who watch the series only for the pleasure of seeing their favorite actors in action, so we thought to make their life even more pleasant by providing 15 HD wallpapers with Vampire Diaries actors.

Check out these high quality wallpapers with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and other actors from The Vampire Diaries and choose the ones you like most as decorations for your PC, laptop or mobile gadget.

Vampire Diaries Wallpapersthe-beautiful-vampires-1366x768-wallpaper-9555 Ian Somerhalder Blood Brothers nina-dobrev-23889 nina-dobrev-boyfriend-1366x768-wallpaper-5244 nina-dobrev-on-the-vampire-diaries-1366x768-wallpaper-13296 the_vampire_diaries_kiss-wallpaper-1366x768  the-vampire-diaries-actors-1366x768-wallpaper-8465 the-vampire-diaries-cast-1366x768-wallpaper-1918 the-vampire-diaries-last-season-1366x768-wallpaper-8871 TV Show_Vampire Diaries_155180 TV Show_Vampire Diaries_273221 TV Show_Vampire Diaries_273678the-vampire-diaries-poster-1366x768-wallpaper-5550

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