3D BlueFX Desktop Icons

Operating systems have been around for almost thirty years now, accompanying all desktop computers, laptops and recently all the smart gadgets that have boomed in the past years. Every person who had a computer for a long time knows how the desktop icons looked in the beginning and how they started to evolve and change with time. Many prefer the classical look of the “My Computer” or “Recycle Bin” icons, sticking to it stubbornly, although so many new and amazing designs have been brought to the users’ choices.


We are here to discuss with people belonging to the other category, with people who love the speed of modernity and the amazing rate of evolution in technology and life style. People who love to keep track of all the news and updates in technology, people who love to use the latest gadgets and people who are always hungry to see what’s new will surely love what we have to offer. For all these people we prepared a special 3D icons pack that contains fifteen amazing-looking realistic icons in a dark and elegant color, mixed with bright blue and green elements. You will have the most amazing 3D desktop icons and everybody will be surprised when they see them! You “Recycle Bin” will look very realistic both when empty and full, your “My Computer” icon will look like a latest technology screen, your music, movies and pictures folders will seem like they are full of real pictures, music CDs or film reels, your “Control Panel” icon will seem like a real remote controller where you can adjust buttons and all the other icons will look in the same manner! This awesome 3D desktop icons pack can be downloaded for free by anyone who thinks he will enjoy them. You can download the pack and you can even publish it on your own website, if you place a credit link to Wallpaper FX on your page. These icons are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You are free to use them on both personal and commercial projects.

Download 3D BlueFX Desktop Icon Pack.

Your Desktop will look futuristic and totally original from the moment you will install our BlueFX icons, you will feel proud of your modern design and you will find yourself one step closer to the future!


  1. hyponiq

    These icons are amazing! That said, however, I’d like to see a full system icon set of these. I’d love to be able to add these icons in place of the default for, per se, the Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office suites. What about the default Libraries icons in Windows 7/8? That’d be nice, too.

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