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There are few people in this world who do not use a computer or a laptop in their day-to-day activities. Modernity has brought along with it a gadget dependence and the past twenty years have increased the importance of personal computers and other similar gadgets to the status of necessity. Our eyes are very often treated with images on screens, so it is very important to make these images as pleasant as possible. For all those people who use computers every day, either at work or just for leisure, we thought about providing them with fun alternatives to customize and change their desktop icons from now and then, because boredom can easily occur. There are plenty of unconventional, spectacular icons which can be downloaded from our website, but this time we thought about bringing a new touch to classic icons, for all the people who prefer to stick to the original and not turn their software icons into something totally different. We took your ordinary software icons and made them 3D, so now they look as if standing in front of you, all shiny and new. This 3D pack contains 18 icons, for your most important software desktop shortcuts: Facebook, VLC Player, Quick Time, uTorrent, Skype, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, Windows Media Player, YouTube, Google Chrome, iTunes, Winamp, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe DreamWeaver and Acrobat Reader.


These icons are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You are free to use them on both personal and commercial projects.

Download 3D SoftwareFX Icon Pack

We are sure that our 3D Software FX Icons will bring pleasure to your eyes whenever you sit in front of your monitor. You can download them for free from our website and even publish them on our own website or blog, providing that you place a link to the Wallpaper FX page.
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