Avatar 2 – 5 Beautiful HD Wallpapers

Avatar brought a revolution in the box-office movie world and broke several records with its earnings, the movie becoming iconic all over the planet. For all the sci-fi passionate and Avatar fans, we prepared a special selection of 5 HD wallpapers with the Avatar 2 movie, the sequel of Avatar, scheduled for release in 2015.

The Avatar movie was released in 2009 and became another big hit from American director James Cameron, surpassing Titanic and becoming the highest-grossing film of all time with earnings going over $2 billion. It was nominated for nine academy awards, and it won three of them. After this huge success, James Cameron promised to make an Avatar trilogy, with the second movie being planned for release in 2015.

The science fiction universe of the first movie is remarkable, happening on Pandora, a habitable moon in the Alpha Centauri star system, where the native Na’vi population is threatened by humans who want to dig for a mineral called “unobtanium”.  James Cameron promised to develop more upon the Na’vi culture in the second movie and also to explore other moons than Pandora.

Until the second movie will be released, we decided to make your waiting less difficult with a set of HD wallpapers that will look amazing on your desktop and will try to bring your imagination to the fantasy world of Pandora and of its blue Na’vi people.

The amazing visual effects from the Avatar movie are not totally computer generated, but created through a revolutionary technology of motion capture filming that captures the movements of real actors and projects them through their characters in the virtual environment of the movie. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

We tried to give the same feeling of virtual reality to our five Avatar HD wallpapers, in order for you to have a visual experience very close to the one of the movie every time you open your PC or laptop.

Take a look at all of them and see which one would suit your desktop the best, or just get them all and change them from time to time.

We hope these 5 HD wallpapers will keep you good company until the release of Avatar 2 in 2015!

Avatar 2 Wallpaper

Avatar 2 Wallpaper HD

Avatar 2 Wallpapers

Avatar 2 HD Wallpaper

Avatar 2 1080p Wallpaper

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