5 New Action Adventure Games in 2013

Each year brings more and more entertainment goodies for all music, movie and video game fans. The releases are scheduled long ahead and the enthusiasts wait for them counting the weeks and days until they are able to enjoy the pleasure of seeing, listening or playing.

This time we are talking about long-expected video games, so we picked five of the most desired Action Adventure Games in 2013 and brought to you a set of amazing wallpapers to accompany you on your desktop when you are not playing. Here are short outlines of the five adventure games that we propose for you: Read the rest of this entry

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Avatar 2 – 5 Beautiful HD Wallpapers

Avatar brought a revolution in the box-office movie world and broke several records with its earnings, the movie becoming iconic all over the planet. For all the sci-fi passionate and Avatar fans, we prepared a special selection of 5 HD wallpapers with the Avatar 2 movie, the sequel of Avatar, scheduled for release in 2015.

The Avatar movie was released in 2009 and became another big hit from American director James Cameron, surpassing Titanic and becoming the highest-grossing film of all time with earnings going over $2 billion. It was nominated for nine academy awards, and it won three of them. After this huge success, James Cameron promised to make an Avatar trilogy, with the second movie being planned for release in 2015. Read the rest of this entry

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3D BlueFX Desktop Icons

Operating systems have been around for almost thirty years now, accompanying all desktop computers, laptops and recently all the smart gadgets that have boomed in the past years. Every person who had a computer for a long time knows how the desktop icons looked in the beginning and how they started to evolve and change with time. Many prefer the classical look of the “My Computer” or “Recycle Bin” icons, sticking to it stubbornly, although so many new and amazing designs have been brought to the users’ choices. Read the rest of this entry

WallpaperFX Blog – Welcome!

Hello and welcome to all Wallpaper FX fans, here is our new blog where you will find lots of interesting ideas and images to make your desktop, gadget and life better! Wallpaper FX is home to thousands of creative and awesome wallpapers in many sizes and resolutions, where every single person can find an ideal decoration for his or her PC or laptop desktop, smart phone or tablet.

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